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After 5 Wa Kiss No Ame

After 5 Wa Kiss No Ame

Author:Kamo Nabako Type:Comedy Drama Romance Yaoi
Status:Ongoing - Not Set Re View:1℃ Keep:0℃ Rating:9.9

Volume 1ch 1-3 After Five is Rain of Kiss, What To Do With Love and The Validity of a Kiss!Enomoto is always reprimanded by his chief Tsuda. But when he stays late to finish work, Tsuda will sexually harass 4 Meeting in the President's OfficeTwo office workers and one has a secret and a 5 Even If It's For One Momentch 6 Business Trip's PromiseVolume 2 ch 6 Christmas ni Naru Made MatteA story about one of Santa Claus' sons and a reindeer.Volume 5 ch 5 Muko x MukoMis

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